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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

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K5relaxK5 IconAbout Paula: She is in Brazil and we do not know the exact date. Anyway, we will inform you. Regards, The K5 Relax Team

K5relaxK5 IconPro Harkonen: Je mimoc líto, ale poslední dívka s tímto jménem u nás již cca 3 měsíce není. S pozdravem, K5 Team

NicknameHi! Will Paula will work last week of November?

HarkonenDobrý den, rad bych se zeptal kdy bude slečna Cindy?

K5relaxK5 IconAhoj, Je mi líto, ale žádná taková tady není. Pěkný den

HonzaDobrý večer, kdy bude slečna Mona v klubu?

JamesurgesGreat post.

K5relaxK5 IconTo KinderMoteh: This page has nothing to do with The K5 Relax. We present very few of our girls on our escort page. The reason is simple - many still hold down a normal job and also are stdying! Sorry but we dont wish also advertisement for other clubs or escort services on our forum - therefore sorry again for deleting. Thanks for understanding... With kind regards Your K5 Relax team

K5relaxK5 IconTo Pavel: Dobrý den, bohužel zatím nevíme jak bude slečna Milen pracovat příští týden. Tento týden v klubu už nebude.Jakmile se dozvíme více, budeme Vás informovat.

PavelDobrý den, kdy bude slečna Milen?

K5relaxK5 IconHi, Thank you for the nice comments... Vanesa will be here today ( 18-24 ), Wednesday ( 20-05 ), Thursday ( 18-04 ), Saturday ( 18-24 ). Hoping to your visit, The K5 Relax Team

NickHello, seeking to visit you nice place this week. I recollect the girl Vanessa, she was a real heaven to be with. Does she work this week?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Guido:You are more than welcome here. We will be happy to see you again in our club. Beautiful day

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