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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

VisitingDecemberHi married couple here visiting in Dec. we’ve never done anything like this before and I’ve convinced her to try to visit this club. At least just to look and check it out. Can someone please tell me more about it and what a first timers like us could expect. My KIK is FransC90

K5relaxK5 Icon28Jlover:Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

28jloverI am hoping to visit Prague and like really busty girls - is there any who fit thi description? Thank

K5relaxK5 IconGuido:Thank you very much for the nice comments. Your K5 Team

GuidoI have to say "Thank you" to Zaza - she made the stay unforgetable ... But I has already told Zara it was the highlight after being 50 and I want to take it with me in my brain and in my heart forever. So I never come back, but I hope a lot of customer comes to Zaza and enjoy the electric impuls, the fire and the sensetiv sex (every man is dreaming about this). She is worth every minute! But be polite and she will make the heaven for you. It´s pity that I promised it was the last time ... but I keep Zara in magical memory forever.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Guido: In the name of The K5 Relax would like to thank you for your visit and very positive feedback. That's exactly what we looking for: satisfied happy guest feeling safe. Hope to see you soon, Regards Linda and Zara, The K5 Relax Team

K5relaxK5 IconTo Filipe: thank you for your constructive comment. We are going to watch her really closely now......Fully hope to see you here soon again. Your K5 team

Guido (english)First the entrance: one is actually examined with a metal detector for dangerous things! Safety is important. On the fifth floor, the manager of the club explains everything. It helps to listen carefully. I was led by a charming lady in black lingerie and black high heels, the area shown and the rooms shown. At the big bar I decided not directly to take a girl, but for 500 CZK something to relax in the club. You can also save this money by booking a girl directly. It is recommended to pay 20 euros or 500 CZK and stay a little in the club. There were about eight girls present, some of whom were in the room. I sat down at a table. Again, the manager came and explained that under the tabletop a computer display with all explanations, prices and also the current girls are to be found in the club. Unfortunately, my lady was busy with another guest, so I thought - wait! It's crazy when a guest waits five hours for a lady. The best place to wait is one of the seats, where you can directly overlook the entrance of the bar and the bar. Then all the girls come to it and you can see well when a girl strips. No one is pushed or harassed by the girls! There are about twenty girls in the club, mostly just a part of them in the bar. They disappear through one or the other door. For the twenty girls, two to three girls should be EVERYONE's taste. I liked the lady who accompanied me in. Her name was Zara! And I wanted to wait for Zara. I was electrified by a gentle touch on the arm and in connection with the super sexy black lingerie and black high heels I was so impressed that I wanted to wait for her. After five hours of waiting, I was rewarded richly. One hour in the room costs 3900 CZK! Here I will only say one thing: very emotional sex at its best! So fine that at the age of 50 I decided that it was the last time I had stayed in an establishment. Zara - I will keep you in a magical memory! They were unforgettable hours. If you meet the ladies with respect and decency you get the best time on earth! And the price-performance ratio is good, because even with the tip I spent almost 300 euros for a great time. And at 5 o'clock also the metro goes again. Conclusion: a successful evening or a great unforgettable night in Prague.

Filipecan you answer me??

FilipeIt is an excellent club, quality on a world level, just girls like Lenka or what is called spoiling ... Watch it, you know her tattoo under her breasts and she has a Sphinx cat on her hands. You better watch your money and your health ...

K5relaxK5 IconTo Fonceca:Thank you very much for the visit and nice supporting comments. Looking forward to see you again! Your K5 relax Team

Filipehello, I read what Danny is writing here. I was with the same girl. All in all, it just surprised me that she wanted more money for me and not talk to anyone. She offered me sex without a condom. But I want to be healthy so I said no. It's definitely she's got a tattoo on my hand with such a weird cat, and I mean a note or something on my fingers. I understand the other girls do not like it very much. Who reads and has the same experience with this girl, so write to .... Perhaps the club will think if she will continue to work there.

FoncecaI was in your club last night and had a wonderful time. By coincident I met the same girl in Starbucks today. She started laughing and said. You paid yesterday, I pay today. I must say I love K5 and your staff. I´ll be back.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Danny: Thank you very much for your answer. Of course, we are not interested in girls who don't make the guest happy. Annyway, we will will certainly react. We also recommend during your next stay talk more to our managers. Do not be afraid to ask anything. Especially before you decide to invite suitable girl to non-bibdibg conversation. Our managers are happy to help you to find best choice.Regards, Your K5 Team

DannyHello. I do not have photos and can not write on the mail because I share it. but I can try to describe the girl. has a tattoo on her hand such athen a tattoo on her chest and fingers. she told me it was from .... that she's a singer and that she's doing this job just for a moment. I also offered sex without a condom because I only give her money and I can not talk about it. I refused. otherwise I was expecting a standard service but I was very disappointed. I was really excited about your club, but these girls spoil it. I hope that when I come back to Prague in August I will not see her. thank you for answer..

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