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Please, re-write numbers from the picture

K5relaxK5 IconTo Gstar66:Thank you very much for the visit and nice supporting comments. Looking forward to see you again! Your K5 relax Team

Gstar66Hello K5 team, just like to thank you for a wonderful time at your club. The lady running the place was very professional and made our visit pleasurable. Thank Laura for me as I had a wonderful couple of nights. Definitely be back in Feb or March. Regads

K5relaxK5 IconDear Chris, Thank you very much for the visit and positive comments. We hope to see you soon. Regards, The K5 Relax Team

ChrisPlease thank Sara for giving me such a warm and pleasant time this evening. I will definitely be returning to your wonderful city and look forward to meeting Sara again.

K5relaxK5 IconTo Simon:Please, we would be most happy to comunicate by e-mail. info@k5relax.com Thanks in asdvance. The K5 Relax Team

simonI don't understand well.how much I pay if I want to have sex with a girl ? Average price and how to processes Ask a girl to agree with me?

K5relaxK5 IconTo Didi:It could be Sabina...However the best idea would be visit us again. Thanks for the understanding, Your K5 Relax Team

didihello i dont know the name with girl I have very nice time she is blonde and have tattoo down is Breast Can you help me ?and what day she working? thank you

K5relaxK5 IconTo Jack: Hello, yes, Nina is back. This week she is working friday, saturday, sunday. Have a nice weekend

Jackhello which days work Nina? i was reading that she come back

K5relaxK5 IconHi, Ria is going to be here on Tue and Fri. Best regards! Your K5 team

RechiHi, is Ria today in ?

K5relaxK5 IconHi Tom, We hope you had a good time:)

TomWe com as cople to night, hope you have a bi girl at your place (;

K5relaxK5 IconAbout couples in The K5 Relax: we are very classical men´s night club...but of course that we are "modern" and couples come to us as well. I think increasingly in particular thanks to the pleasant atmosphere of our cocktail bar. By the way some experts call our bar one of the best in Prague. So, if you come to visit us we recommend spend a time in our Cocktail-bar in the fourth floor.There's very pleasant and friendly atmosphere. Anyway we would be most happy to send all details by e-mail. Regards Your K5 Relax Team

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